Nuera Industrial offers three main types of splicing that are used in industry:

Cold vulcanizing splicing

Nuera Industrial technical teams use only premium adhesives. This type of splicing still remains a great economic and sustainable choice. Despite the required period of drying, cold vulcanizing splicing method is used easily and efficiently in most applications on your equipment.

Hot vulcanizing splicing

Nuera Industrial is one of the few companies in the industry that use the finger splice method. This method qualifies as one of the best in the industry. It supports up to 96% of the belt’s nominal tension. This type of splicing is more flexible and features good compatibility with pulleys of smaller diameter or shorter transition distances at the head and tail of the conveyor. In addition, the belt can be used again as soon as the splicing is completed, since it requires no drying. If your application requires severe test for your belt splicing, then this is definitely the type of splicing you need.

Mechanical splicing

This type of splicing can be used with a number of conveyor belts.  It is particularly suitable when the workspace is small and that the downtime is short. This type of splicing allows you both to put your equipment back to service quickly and to maximize your production.

FLEXCO: Nuera Industrial offers the full range of Flexco products, the industry’s benchmark; we are able to match your company’s specific application with the best product.

MINET LACING TECHNOLOGY: In order to give you access to a greater number of high quality solutions for your needs, we also offer the MLT products to meet all your standards for conveyor belts splicing.

Whatever your application, your Nuera Industrial representative will help you choose the splicing that perfectly matches your facilities depending on your activities.