Nuera Industrial, a subsidiary of Nuera Inc., offers the best products in the industry for all your conveyor needs: conveyor belts, conveyor rollers, rubber sheets, rubber lagging, etc.. Our team of experts will devotedly take care of your projects to define the best solutions to meet your needs.

Being the industry’s leader, Nuera Industrial is constantly evolving to keep up to the cutting edge technologies in order to improve your conveyor’s performance. We offer you innovative solutions for conveyor maintenance, repair, assembly, as well as the use of rubber applications. In case of emergency, our team is available to you 24/7 to maintain trust and a lasting relationship with you.

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Nuera Industrial has been caring for the success of customer projects for 30 years. We are the distributor of Fenner Dunlop conveyor products in Québec and Ontario, a brand whose reputation is particularly associated with its superior quality, durability and its quality/price ratio in the industry.

The Nuera Industrial’s partnership implies managing your equipment solutions with its conveyor belts, conveyor components, conveyor rollers, rubber products, screening surfaces and its value-added service.


Every day, Nuera Industrial strives to be at the forefront to offer conveyor solutions tailored to your needs. Our corporate culture is very strong and our team is united with you to create a long-term relationship of trust. In everyday life, we rely on the following principles to maintain our leadership position in our industry:

For our company

  • Maintain a culture of performance, where results are always measured according to our vision and our goals.
  • Proactively develop our capacity to anticipate upcoming events thanks to our cultivated ability to listen to our customers and to the market as well as our alertness toward competition.
  • Keep close to both our customers and our team. Put forward the franchise and transparency in trade with our employees, customers and suppliers.

For our employees

  • Promote cutting-edge thinking in order to continually stimulate both individual creativity and business innovation.
  • Engage our talented employees and constantly look for new talents to support our growth.
  • Provide our team with every opportunity to develop their skills in addressing new challenges while promoting continuous learning for all employees.

For our customers

  • Accurately identify our customers’ needs in order to offer them value-added products and services.
  • Ensure that our clients benefit from our unique advantages resulting from our’ customer success’ approach
  • Focus on a long-term relationship with them based on trust.


MWE Belting Company Ltd. and JCP Belt Components Inc. joining forces with Nuera Industrial Inc.

J.C. McLaren Belting Inc. & Nuera Industrial Inc. joining forces!


Make a difference on our team!

Nuera Industrial is a company that has been in business for 30 years offering the right solutions for your conveyor needs. In order to remain at the forefront of our industry, we are constantly looking for new talents. Are you interested in new challenges and working in a dynamic corporate environment? Check our list of available positions and send us your application.